Collana Sottile Modello Veneziana In Oro Bianco 18 kt

Collana Sottile Modello Veneziana In...
Collana Sottile Modello Veneziana In...

Collana Sottile Modello Veneziana In Oro Bianco 18 kt

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Collana in maglia Veneziana in oro bianco da 18k. Leggera, resistente e molto versatile, ideata per lasciare a bocca aperta con la sua bellezza estremamente semplice. Si adatta perfettamente ad ogni tipo di occasione oltre ad essere l'idea regalo perfetta per una persona dai gusti sobri e raffinati.
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To be always in fashion and in step with the wonderful trends with your own style is enough very little. In fact, the only thing to do is to obtain coveted accessories, synonymous with elegance and quality, that leave anyone watching them speechless. It is the case of this Venetian knitted necklace in 18k white gold that releases in itself all the powerful beauty of simplicity. Light, refined and durable, this necklace will steal your heart without any effort.

The small and complex mesh of the necklace makes it a really unique piece, not at all invasive but also very resistant. The spring ring closure allows a safe and fast necklace closure.

Another feature that amazes is the extreme versatility of the necklace that makes it suitable for any type of occasion. If the customer prefers it, thanks to the thickness of the mesh you can add several pendants making the entire composition even more original!

A perfect gift that will definitely be appreciated for its beauty and its singular elegance. At the time of purchase, the item is packaged with extreme care and professionalism in its elegant box, always accompanied by a certificate that attests to its authenticity.


Oro Bianco 18 kt
45 cm
Tipo di Chiusura
Anello a molla

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